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"He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name." 

- Psalms 147:4

Zodiac Image: (C) Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 

In God's covenant in Genesis, Abraham's descendents were prophesied to resemble the "stars in the heavens".  Is it any wonder why Moses would later arrange the tribes of Israel in accordance with the constellations and the zodiac?  

Because all stars have a purpose as well as a name, Project Betzalel regards each gift to be not only prescious, but sees them as a means to adding another trace of light to an otherwise dark world.  Thank you all for playing your part!  Donors not requesting to remain anomynous are honored below:


Esoteric Stars 

(The english word for "Star" come from a Hebrew word which means "hidden")

In ancient days, it was customary for the priests of Israel to give the people a special blessing as they departed, as the people returned to their work.  As they blessed the people, it is said that they would lift their hands above the people with their fingers outstreched in shape of the Hebrew letter "shin", as shown below.  This ש was used because it the first letter of the Hebrew (read right-to-left) word שדי or "Shaddai" in Hebrew, which refers to the almighty and eternal God.     

As conveyed in the book of Numbers (chapter 6, verses 24-26), may all of the generous souls contributing to Project Betzalel "Live Long and Prosper". 

Image: Israel from International Space Station, NASA/Alexander Gerst via Wikimedia Commons

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