Project Betzalel Team Meetings


The purpose of routine project team meetings is to share multidisciplinary aspects of the Betzalel Tabernacle design. 


Meetings are open to Project Betzalel Team Members only.


Member meetings will usually be held on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday evenings of every month from 6PM to 8PM (Central Standard Time) via Skype.

Upcoming Meeting Forecast:

Monday March 30, 2015 Agenda  

  • Multidisciplinary Project Overview (15 minutes)
  • Team Member "Meet-and-Greet" (15 minutes)
  • Open Tasks Lists (30 minutes)
  • Team Member Discovery Sharing (45 minutes)
  • Meeting Conclusion and Action Items (15 minutes)

Image by Scott Maxwell, 

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What is Project Betzalel?

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