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To like is human... to LOVE is divine! 

If your budget is too tight or too thin to donate to Project Betzalel, then perhaps you can give the gift of love.  For those who love Projet Betzalel, and wish to help advance the cause of the Project, we as that you would:

  • Pray.  Knee mail has been up and running long before email.  We covet your prayers.  
  • Like.  Hitch a ride and "like" and Project Betzalel productions on social media venues.   
  • Share.  "Share" Project Betzalel content with others.  How can they believe what they don't see?  

To help acheive project goals, Project Betzalel needs media traffic, and people like YOU to help direct that traffic.  Please do your part in helping promote our media campaign.

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