Team Member Terms

Due to the unique and multifaceted nature of the Betzalel discovery, active Project Betzalel Team members will be granted access to: 

  1. Unpublished data in Project Betzalel data repository.
  2. Team Member meetings and discussion results.
  3. Team Member roster and contact information for purposes of corroboration and networking.
  4. Public exposure via Project Betzalel publication channels, e.g., website articles, audio/video interviews, etc.

In return, Active Project Betzalel Team members must:

  1. Provide picture and bio for site, as well as contact information (made available to other team members).  
  2. Be willing to share and corroborate with other Betzalel Team members.
  3. Establish attainable goals for purposes of research and/or publication via Project Betzalel.
  4. Consent to Project Betzalel basic design concept (i.e., round tabernacle) or publish a pointed, documented, and technical basis for reservations.
  5. Attend periodic project teleconferences or videoconferences to the extent practical.  


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