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Andrew Hoy 
(Betzalel Project Founder)

Andrew is a Wisconsin native who began his career as a mechanical engineer after graduating from college (Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1994), completing both Energy and Design program curriculums.  Since graduating, Andrew acquired Professional Engineering Certification (Wisconsin), State Fire Fighter Certification (Wisconsin), and worked in large variety of roles in energy and power related fields, including nuclear, hydroelectric, natural gas, coal, diesel, maritime, HVAC, refrigeration, controls, and power transmission industries.  Taking a Sabbatical from his engineering carrer, Andrew became a published author, and moved to Israel where he became an avid student of Biblical and modern Hebrew (Haifa University & Morasha in Jerusalem).  Since returning to Wisconsin, Andrew made the "Betzalel" discovery, "and the rest," as they say, "is history"... or should we say, history in the making!

Andrew made the Exodus π discovery and developed the round tabernacle concept, and will be directing the Betzalel Project Team in further discovery.  

Greg Volk

(Electrical Engineer)

Greg Volk is past president and proceedings editor for the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA), an organization dedicated to free and unbiased inquiry in fundamental questions of science.  He co-founded and edits the World Science Database, a web-based resource cataloging the work of several thousand independent scientists worldwide.  He studied electrical engineering, physics and signal processing at Stanford University.  In his many papers and presentations, Volk has gained a reputation for questioning basic assumptions in physics and for deducing compelling answers to such fundamental questions as "What is gravity?"  "What roles do electricity and magnetism play in the cosmos and in the atom?" and "What fundamental principles govern basic equations like E = mc2 ?" 

Greg will be offering his insights and sharing his knowledge in the fields of metrology (i.e., the measurement of things) and electrical engineering.   

Eric Bissel

(Paleo-Hebrew Cosmologist)

Eric Bissel is the founder of "eriktology", an enterprise venture teaching the Paleographic Hebrew ALEPH-BEIT, where he deciphers ancient inscriptions and modes of writing (specifically Semitic prior to 500 BCE).  Eric has presented lectures and tutorial studies in Paleographic Hebrew for over a decade, showing how the specific spelling of words, with regards to each letter and set of letters, is an encoded formula.  Eric holds a BA in Psychology (UCLA, 1976), went on to Graduate study in Theater Arts, Motion Picture / Television Animation, and is currently involved in a Paleographic Hebrew-based in-depth study of Astronomy and star etymology.  Eric is also known for his "Mishkan Pattern" studies, which are based upon the 22 letters of the Hebrew "aleph-beit".

Eric will be sharing his Tabernacle-related Paleo-Hebrew findings with Team Betzalel as they pertain to the fields of Astronomy and Cosmology. 

Hector Brito

(Life Sciences Advisor)

Hector Brito brings 25 years of experience in the high-tech biomedical industry as a field service engineer.  Fascinated with the human body, living systems, and holistic healing, Hector has further experience as an iridologist and an herbalist, and has suceeded in farming and animal husbandry (horses and dogs).  Hector also found time to pursue a professional boxing career and served in the US Army.   

Helping "maintain the body", Hector has years of pastoral experience, working as a youth pastor, evangelist, church council member, home study group mentor, and church of 6 bilingual (Spanish speaking) congregations.  In addition to serving the body at large, Hector has fathered 2, adopted 4, and fostered over 30 children.  Since discovering his heritage as a Sephardic Jew, Hector has become an avid student of Biblical Hebrew.  As an advocate of life-long learning and having overcome a major dehibilitating injury, Hector loves to share his knowledge and currently creates tutorials for and/or lectures in: martial arts, biblical exposition, team building, project management, and how to improve and re-initiate the body’s healing design. 

After passionately studying Moses' "Tabernacle of Witness" for a decade, Hector is pleased to join the Project Betzalel Team given its great messianic revelations. 

John Dilday


John describes himself as a systems analyst - making complex technologies work by simplification and feedback.  He is a Professional Engineer, and troubleshooter of electronic, electrical and mechanical systems.  John was the first to publish the Bible with a search engine plus study tools on CD-ROM (1992).  

Now retired, John claims the title of Gardener, Tinker, Inventor, OathKeeper, Sailor, Tentmaker, Scoutmaster, Father, and Grandfather.   

As a retired hobbyist and experienced stargazer, John became the creator and manager of the Mid Atlantic Star Party 1995-2012 to connect with other starry-eyed night owls.   Studying the skies for over 5 decades, John has also come to call himself a "Sepher of Stars", and has unique insights on the Stars and Zodiac as they pertain to the Tabernacle and its surroundings.     

Dave Hendrickson

 Creative Content Contributor

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