Why is Project Betzalel Important?

In accordance with our mission statement, Project Betzalel is dedicated to revealing the design of the ancient Exodus Tabernacle.  Why?

Because understanding Israel's ancient Exodus Tabernacle in its true form will probably come to be recognized as one of the greatest discoveries of our time - capable of transforming not only religious hemispheres, but thoughts residing in scientific realms as well.  Project Betzalel is here to help you:    

  • Understand God.  Betzalel tells us about a house designed "in the image of God".  If God gave Israel the designs to a house that is "made in his image", it stands to reason that we will learn about the attributes of God as we study God's dwelling place.    
  • Understand man.  Genesis says that God made man "in his image".  If God's house is made in God's image, and man is made in God's image, it stands to reason that we can learn more about the nature of man as we study God's dwelling place.
  • Understand heaven.   Psalms 104:2 says that God "stretches out the heavens like a tent".  The Tabernacle is the "tent of tents", thus the Exodus Tabernacle provides unique insights on the cosmos.
  • Understand nature.  Patterns shown in the earthly Exodus Tabernacle uniquly coincide with patterns shown in nature.   
  • Understand prophecy.  The shape of the Tabernacle, along with its component placement and material quantities, all testify to future events.    
  • Understand the Temple.  Features of the Exodus Tabernacle are echoed in latter Scriptures and Temples, and even mimicked other religious structures.  
  • Understand the Bible.  The pattern revealed in the Exodus Tabernacle provides insights on many other Scriptures, challenging a host of traditional interpretations and assumptions.  

As the name conveys, there are many facets to "Project Betzalel", or "פרויקט בצלאל" in the Hebrew.  Each facet reveals an image.  Each facet brilliantly radiates light, and offers meaning and divine revelation.  To ignore the profound implications of Project Betzalel could be likened to siding with religious authorities advocating a flat earth and a geocentric model of the solar system.  

Don't let people put God in a box!  Stand firm upon our round earth! Join in the Betzalel project discoveries!  You can help by offering your time, treasures, and talents to project Betzalel.  Become a part of history! 

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