Betzalel Story - Unlocking Ancient Secrets

Are you ready to unlock the ancient secrets of Israel's wilderness Tabernacle?  Click below to begin your journey.

The Discovery - Uncovering Lost Tabernacle Secrets

The secrets to Moses' wilderness Tabernacle have been lost for a period of over two thousand years.   Learn why this simple truth has remained "hidden in plain sight".

Round Houses - New and Old

Solomon is said to have written, "there is nothing new under the sun."  See how this principle applies to  the Tabernacle and nomadic tent architecture.  

Who / What is Project Betzalel?

The name "Betzalel" dates back to the time of the Exodus when the wilderness tabernacle was first constructed.  Understand who - and what - Betzalel was - and is - in the scheme of the Tabernacle narrative.  

Why Project Betzalel?

Apart from Betzalel, there are literally thousands of "good causes" out there.  Begin to understand why Project Betzalel is unique, and why an ancient tent applies to you in your everyday life.  

Video Introduction

What is Project Betzalel?

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