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Despite the implications of the Hebrew name Betzalel, Project Betzalel  is being promoted under the domain name for reasons as follows:   

  • Familiarity.  Most English speakers are not familiar with the Hebrew name "Betzalel", but more familiar with a simple number, such as 314.
  • Clarity and simplicity.  Given the Hebrew origin of the בצלאל name, native English speakers may have difficulty in both Hebrew word spelling and pronounciation, as it may be transliterated in a variety of ways, including “Bezalel”, “Bezelel”, “Betsalel”, and perhaps “Betselel”.  Use of "Betzalel" in the primary domain was assumed to result in communications obfuscatiion.
  • Brevity.  Project Betzalel literally revolves around the π constant; so 314 is intended to act as a mnemonic, as it encapsulates this meaning and discovery in the title.  
  • Uniqueness.  There are already a number of unrelated entities using the Betzalel name in some capacity (albeit they incorporate the meaning to a lesser or insignificant degree), wereas the domain is singularly unique. 
  • Interrelationship.  There are obvious scientific and historical implications of the 314 or π finding.  Incorporating 314 in the domain lends itself to inquiries from peripheral searches not related to Betzalel but potentially related to the mathematical constant and its historical use in a proven engineering capacity. 
  • Branding.  The domain was also compatible with the Project Betzalel logo concept, which is derived from a) the outline of the Tabernacle elements drawn in their true form, and b) the 3.14 value for π. See the illustrations below for clarification:

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