El Shaddai - The God of PI (π)

While ancient Egypt demonstrated a working knowledge of π in their highly engineered monuments, the Hebrew Bible boasts revelation of the same constant.  However, rather than hiding this knowledge in geometric features of ancient stone, the Bible has been hiding its secrets in the texts by means of "gematria".  

Without a 10-base numeric character set (i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc.), the letters from the ancient Hebrew alphabet were expected to work twice as hard.  Each letter was assigned a semi-sequential numerical value, as revealed on the adjacent chart.  In this system of writing, a word could just as easily be read as a number and vice-versa.  For example, a word like "ark" in English or ארך in Hebrew would be converted to numbers and assigned an absolute value of 221, as A=1, R=200, and K=20 (1+200+20=221). 

While this might sound more like speculation to some and even sorcery to others, this practice repeatedly demonstrates the divine design of the Hebrew language.  For example, using gematria, the 314 number correlates with the 3.14, the approximated value for π, given that the Hebrew language does not employ punctuation (e.g., periods) or decimal points.  In order to arrive at 314, a shin or ש is used for 300, a dalet or ד is used for 4, and a yud or י is used for 10.  Together, this combination of letters spells שדי.  This word "shaddai" alludes to that which is "almighty" or "most powerful" (Strong's entry H7706).  As such, with great regularity, the Bible refers to God as "El-Shaddai", or the most powerful God.  

Clearly, this 314 = שדי = God connection reveals yet another dimension. After all, 314 is representative of the circle, and the circle is emblematic of the never-ending or the eternal.  Therefore, "El-Shaddai" is the God of π!  This is also fitting as another Hebrew nickname for God is אין סוף (pronounced "ein sof"), translated into English as he who is "without end". 

The Hebrew term "gematria" thought to be derived from geometria, the Greek word for "geometry".  While the geometric correlations between the Hebrew numbers and letters may not be intuitive, surely it is not by mistake that of the circle - the most powerful, useful, and eternal of all geometric shapes - is expressed through gematria.  

This is yet one more proof that God's image is not represented by a rectangular hut defined by right angles, but rather by a circular abode - one without beginning or end.  

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