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What is PI (π)?

Don't feel bad if you don't know what π is...  As they say, you're not alone in the universe!

Ancient PI (π)

Who discovered this mathematical wonder?  How is it calculated?  Who knew what when?

Earth and PI (π)

Learn how the earth's circular dimensions and π have been long understood and even employed in ancient construction.

God of PI (π)

God has claimed the number of PI (π) for his very own signature.  Find out how, and ponder the when and why!  

Bible PI (π)

Where else, besides the Exodus, is PI (π) encrypted in the Bible?

Bible Phi (φ)

Discover where the Golden Ratio is found in Bible texts.  

Why project314.org?

Project Betzalel is found under the url http://project314.org.  Why?


Top: Crop circle discoved at Barbury Castle in Wiltshire, England in 2008.  Image credit:  John Montgomery

Bottom:  Crop circle deciphered as a expression of PI (π) by Astrophysicist Mike Reed 

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What is Project Betzalel?

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π Based Buildings

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