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Did you know that there is a key required to unlock the Exodus Tabernacle secrets "hidden in plain sight"?  You can try as you may, but you won't find this key in either Synagogue or Sunday school.  Many ancient cultures held this "key", although it has been long since obscured by contemporary artists and scholars.  Forget about the passwords; unlock the Tabernacle's secrets and begin your journey to discovery today...  


Are you living in fear, afraid of falling off the edge?  If people today told you that the world was flat, would you believe them, or would you test what they had to say, and sail without them?  There was a time when religous experts discouraged "round earth" visionaries and insisted that the sun revolved around the earth.  How about you?  Would you try circumnavigating a round earth, or are you content just seeing the world from the safety of your own shores? 


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Everybody has been allotted time, talents, and treasures.  Are you doing something great with yours?  Just like when Moses was at Mount Sinai, Project Betzalel needs a variety of professionals to accomplish a number of tasks in accordance with the Project Betzalel Mission Statement.  Step forward in your faith... Sign up to volunteer or donate today.  You can make a difference! 


Simplified Overview of Project Betzalel

As alluded to by the prophet Amos, Betzalel was chartered to "raise David's fallen tent".  But what does that mean? 

After the Egyptian Exodus, Israel stopped at Mount Sinai, where they built a mobile tent or "Tabernacle" for purposes of religious worship.  This Tabernacle was used for four centuries, until Levites and priests of Israel violated Moses' law, bringing the Tabernacle up to the "high places" for worship.  After David was anointed king of Israel, David took control of the Ark of the Covenant, relocating it to Jerusalem and placing it in a tent that he erected specifically to shelter the Ark.  King David, whose name means "beloved", proceeded to purchase land and stage materials for King Solomon's majestic temple.  After David died, Solomon succeeded him as king, and the Exodus Tabernacle, referred to as the משכן in Hebrew (pronounced "mishcan") was abandoned as Solomon's great Temple was commissioned.  In other words, with the rise of Solomon's Temple, the "beloved's tent" had fallen. 

Although the fate and prophecies of the Tabernacle might be subject to speculation and debate, one thing is certain.  The book of Exodus explicitly specifies how the Tabernacle was to be built, and then describes how it was built - exactly according to these specifications.  Given the curious Exodus account details, theologians have spent centuries pondering the purpose or meaning behind the Tabernacle's design.  There is, however, one outstanding detail that has eluded the religious experts for generations. Usually having little or no engineering background, the one thing they overlooked is that the Exodus texts call for a tabernacle that was ROUND and NOT RECTANGULAR!  Unbeknownst to them, the theologians work has been confounded as they have literally been trying to force the proverbial "square peg into a round hole" (Image by Yoel Ben-Avraham).  

For good reason, Project Betzalel is centered around helping people in this simple square-to-cricle paradigm shift.  With a correct point of origin, not only is it possible to complete a ROUND Tabernacle with the parts described in the Bible, but as the Exodus descriptions are more closely examined, it becomes more and more difficult to accept the traditional rectangular Tabernacle arrangement as plausible.

I hope you enjoy your journey!

- Andrew Hoy, Project Betzalel Founder  

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